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D-FW home prices set a(nother) record. But bidding wars have reportedly started to ease

Still, Redfin says expect competing bids in about 7 out of 10 D-FW offers.

DALLAS — My vacation officially came to an end today. And that's actually not a terrible thing. I mean…admittedly…I could've kept living that life. But you must pay for it, right? And this summer, it's the guys who have been willing to pay more. 

According to Quicken, twice as many men as women are willing to go bigger on the vacation budget this year. 

And among those splurging, the overwhelming reason was "because of their experiences with the pandemic." My reason: Just to get away and feel like a human again. 

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I saw a lot of houses I liked while I was away. But the typical pad in Hawai'i is more than twice what the median home costs here. That's why we just visit. That said, we are again at a new record price for the standard house in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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But maybe the heat of competition is cooling a bit this summer. At last check, the number of Redfin offers that were in bidding wars was down month over month.

Still, the number is high. In 7 out of 10 offers, you've got competition. That, and the fact that we still only have about one-sixth the number of homes needed for a "healthy real estate market," means if you are waiting for a drop in prices, you may need some patience.