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How this man quit his job and is spreading a message of kindness around the world

Today is a chance to show kindness to those around you.

It’s World Kindness Day!

One guy who knows a lot about kindness is Leon Logothetis, who quit his job as a stockbroker in London to travel the world spreading kindness.

His journey, called "The Kindness Diaries," which is currently on Netflix, follows Logothetis as he travels around the world relying only on kindness. He has no money, no food and no lodging.

Along the way, Logothetis hands out an abundance of kindness in return. One night, while searching for a place to sleep, a homeless man gave Logothetis food, clothing and bedding for the night.

Logothetis returned the favor by giving the man a place to live and enrolling him in school.

He said that spreading acts of kindness has taught him that everyone in the world wants to receive and give kindness. 

"It doesn't matter what color you are, it doesn't matter what religion you are, at base, we just want to be seen and the most beautiful way to see someone is to be kind," he said.  

Logothetis was in Dallas for World Kindness Day on Wednesday. 

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