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'The best corn dog ever': Two Hands earning two thumbs up

Two Hands has four locations in Dallas-Fort Worth.

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — People were given two hands for a reason, or something like that, is the way the cliché saying goes.

But what’s the reason? 

A restaurant in Grand Prairie might not have the answer, but they do have something for your two hands.

The restaurant, fittingly called Two Hands, sells Korean-style corn dogs -- a far cry from the typical carnival corn dog.

Unlike fair food, these corn dogs can be customized.

“Life’s too short to have the same food every day,” said Two Hands manager Jerry Nguyen.

First, customers can choose what they want the corn dog coated in: spiciness, crispy rice, crunchy potatoes or sugar.

The inside can be filled with sausage, cheese or both.

Whatever a customer wants can be stuck on the stick.

“It’s so good you’ve got to have both hands to eat them,” said Nguyen. 

Nguyen said a lot of people are skeptical but not for long.

“They always come back like, ‘this was the best corn dog ever,’” he said. 

Two Hands has four locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For more information, visit the restaurant's website at https://www.twohandsus.com/

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