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Dallas woman celebrates 90th birthday with skydiving

Wilma Perry says it was her first jump, but won't be her last.

DALLAS — Aside from the thrilling task of watering plants, Wilma Perry of Dallas, says life as a grandma can be pretty dry.

But that changed about a week ago, when Perry did something remarkably bold. She strapped herself into a harness and prepared to carry out a lifelong dream.

“Because I have always wanted it,” she said. “It was a dream I’ve had for a long time.”

Growing up, Perry says she had a lot of dreams, but for one reason or another, only a few of them ever came true.

Until a few years back, when she decided to live life on the edge.

In her 70s, Perry hiked up a mountain. A decade later, after she was 80, she went zip lining in Alaska. “I have fun,” she said.

But this year, for her 90th birthday, Perry took her biggest leap of faith yet and jumped out of an airplane.

Even though she’d dreamed of skydiving for many years, there was another reason she chose to do it on her 90th birthday.

About a year ago, Perry suffered a stroke and was barely able to walk. Skydiving was a way to celebrate all the work she put in to get back on her feet.

Perry knows not every 90-year-old can jump out of an airplane, but she says there is a lesson here.

She says anyone who feels defined by age should know that chasing a dream never gets old. “That’s right,” she said. “Absolutely. Don’t ever give up. And I won’t.”

Especially when there are so many good airplanes to jump out of. “I’m going to do it again at 95,” Perry laughed.

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