Our beloved Texas giant is getting a new pair of boots this year.

A crane and a crew of men helped place his new pair Friday morning at the Big Tex Circle. It's his first new pair in four years. 

Known to many as the world’s tallest cowboy, Big Tex greets you with arms wide open every year during the State Fair of Texas. You can't miss him.

The designer, Katie Sauceda of Keller, beat out 250 submissions for this year's theme, "Celebrating Texas Creativity.” It took her about six hours to come up with the design. The boots were then made by SRO, a company near San Antonio.

The size-96 Lucchese boots with an 18-inch heel combine to weigh 700 pounds each and are too heavy to take on the road. If you want a pair, it'll cost you about $30,000.

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