DALLAS — The NHL season has been on hold now for nearly two weeks.  The financial strain of that has not been made public as of now, but invariably teams are feeling the squeeze resulting from no fans at the gates, no parking fees rolling in, no concession stands, etc. 

In response to that, Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill and CEO Jim Lites are both taking a 50% paycut, Nill confirmed to WFAA Wednesday afternoon.  

Nill said "hopefully this helps others within the organization."  Inevitably, it will help keep many within the organization employed. 

Nill has been the General Manager of the organization since 2013, when he came over from the Detroit Red Wings.  Lites has been the CEO since 2011, and has been the Stars since 1993.

The Stars have 13 games remaining in their 2019-20 season.  When the NHL season resumes, they'll sit in third place in the Central Division.  They are four points clear in the hunt for a playoff spot, but had fallen into the mix as a possible wildcard team, due to a six game losing streak prior to the season's suspension.