DALLAS — There is much anticipation as to what the Dallas Cowboys offense will look like under new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, and safety Kavon Frazier has already seen a preview of it.

The fourth-year safety from Central Michigan took time to answer a few media questions at SportsCon in Fair Park.

"It's definitely a lot more spread out as far getting more people the ball and even just the offense this year," Frazier said. "It's spread out. I think it's a lot more explosive."

Frazier has not yet had a chance to go against Moore's new wrinkles as the 6-0, 220-pound safety has been recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery in the offseason. Nonetheless, he has been enough around The Star and taken part in enough of the offseason program, including organized team activities, to attest to the new look.

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"This OTAs, even though I've been out, I've still been around," said Frazier. "Just watching it, it was a lot more explosive plays. But, yeah, man, I'm excited. I'm excited for them."

Dallas had the sixth-lowest number of plays gaining 20-plus yards in the NFL last season with 51. Among playoff teams, the Baltimore Ravens joined them in the bottom-10 with 57, tied with the Buffalo Bills for ninth-lowest in the league. Contrast that with the top-10, which featured three playoff teams in the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, and Los Angeles Chargers.

Another problem with the Cowboys offense was their red zone conversions. In 2018, the Cowboys had the fourth-lowest red zone conversion rate in the NFL at 48.0%. In fact, only the Houston Texans, tied for fifth-worst with the New York Giants at 50 percent, joined Dallas for playoff teams in the bottom-10 of red zone conversions.

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These are the problems Moore has to solve. If Frazier's observations can be taken with any degree of credibility, and he's at least been able to witness it in action, then it appears the Cowboys are on the right track. More explosive plays lead to more points, which presumably should lead to more wins.

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