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Meet the Cowboys fan who went viral for her not-impressed look at Sunday's game

Renee Cummings was in her Ezekiel Elliott jersey in the stands as she was captured with a "not impressed" look. We feel ya, Renee.

DALLAS — During Sunday's Cowboys game against the 49ers, cameras showed some disappointed fans who were in the stands at AT&T Stadium.

One was Renee Cummings, who wore her Ezekiel Elliott jersey as she was captured with a "not impressed" look.

We feel ya, Renee.

We set out to track her down and less than 48 hours later, the power of social media made it happen. 


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"You know that feeling when there are so many emotions at once and there's too much to feel," Cummings said. "That was the sum of it, it was an emotional rollercoaster, so many things happening at once.

She says at one point, she thought the Cowboys were going to make a comeback, "then things went back downhill, I was emotionally drained."

If you Google "Cowboys meme," her face is the first result to pop up. It's everywhere. Even Stephen A. Smith and Tony Romo talked about it. 

And as a Cowboys fan, Renee knows it's a big deal. 

"Someone called me the face of the Cowboys. I even DM'd Zeke," she said. "He didn't see it, but I thought I would try."

She's a veteran who has been a die-hard Cowboys fan her entire life. She lives in Georgia, and it was her first-ever game at AT&T Stadium.

Cummings says football is what helped her feel like she was back in the states while she was away serving overseas. Of those 10 years serving in the military, she spent less than a year living in the U.S.

She's not a huge social media user, so she was shocked when she found out her picture went viral and "wished the cameras would have captured a better picture." 

There's also another moment when people believe she found out during the game she was meme'd -- that's wrong. 

She was actually showing her wife her phone, but didn't realize she was a viral sensation until after the game.