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Wanted: A 'big-time cowboy' for the world's largest belt buckle, revealed in Dallas

The buckle is more than 15 feet wide and 10 feet tall

DALLAS — Typically, inside Dallas Market Center, the Western English and Apparel Market trade show, which specializes in western apparel, isn’t very wild.

That’s why it was so unusual to see a large crowd gathering for a big reveal.

“I had no idea about this,” said one passerby. “This was wild.”

“We had no idea that’s what it was going to be,” another spectator said.

“It’s definitely something you want to see with your own eyes,” said one man who brought his wife and three kids to see it.

What they came to see was behind a curtain inside Montana Silversmiths.

Montana Silversmiths specializes in belt buckles. Next year is the company’s 50th anniversary and to celebrate it wanted to do something big.

Something really big.

“Here it is,” said chief marketing officer Judy Wagner as her team pulled back the curtain to reveal the surprise.

What better place than Texas to unveil the world’s largest belt buckle?

“We had to move the air duct to get it in here,” Wagner said.

Why not just go for a cake?

“Oh, that’d be no fun and we need something to talk about,” Wagner said.

At 1,000 pounds, more than 10 feet tall and 14 feet wide, the buckle set a Guinness World Record.

To earn the record, the buckle had to be authentic, meaning, theoretically, someone could wear it.

“Absolutely,” Wagner said. “We need a big-time Cowboy for this.”

“I think we should put it on Big Tex at the Texas State Fair,” said Patrick Powers, president of the Western and English Sales Association. “That’d be a great idea. He’d look good there.”

Unfortunately, the buckle won’t be added to Big Tex’s wardrobe. Montana Silversmiths plans to take it around the country as part of a touring attraction before placing it in its final home in Montana.

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