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Democrats take stock following state convention in Dallas

Despite long odds, some Democrats see inflation working against Republicans in Texas.

DALLAS — The Texas Democratic Party’s state convention is over, and Democrats across the state are now focusing their energy and effort on November, despite long odds.

Texans are paying more for gas, energy and groceries. And since Democrat Joe Biden is in the White House, many political observers across the country say the party could pay the price in November.

But here in Texas, party treasurer Chris Hollins, like Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, thinks inflation and those high prices could work against the incumbent in Texas.

“We know, and Republicans have even admitted, Greg Abbott’s antics down at the border are driving up prices, are wasting food that should be feeding Texas families and so many other things that are hurting our pocketbooks and ultimately hurting our ability to support our families,” Hollins said on Inside Texas Politics.

It will be a tall order, though, for Democrats to overcome all of those headwinds. Republicans have even seen recent gains in South Texas, which has been reliably Democratic for years.

Hollins, who is also running for Houston mayor, says Democrats can no longer take that area, or any vote, for granted. 

And he says recent election losses in South Texas should open eyes and move the party to do more to fortify Democrats along the border.

“We have to invest across this state, whether we’re talking about urban areas or rural areas, south Texas or north Texas. This is an incredibly large state. It’s incredibly expensive to campaign in the many media markets, as you know, here. But yes, we should be doing more,” said the Democrat.

Inside Texas Politics has extended a number of invitations for Gov. Abbott to appear on the broadcast, but he has so far declined.

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