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Woman arrested, charged with terroristic threat after allegedly claiming to spread coronavirus, Carrollton police say

Police said in a tweet Sunday that Lorraine Maradiaga claimed to test positive for COVID-19.
Credit: Carrollton PD

Carrollton police arrested 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga for a terroristic threat after she released Snapchat videos, claiming to be positive for COVID-19 and threatening to spread the virus. 

In a series of tweets, police said that they had "no confirmation Maradiaga is actually a threat to public health. We are, however, taking her social media actions very seriously." 

In videos posted to Facebook on Saturday, someone who appears to be Maradiaga claimed to test positive for COVID-19 and then threatened to give the disease to others.

The screenshots from the Carrollton police tweet came from a Facebook recording posted Saturday of Snapchat videos from a Snapchat user named "Lorraine Boutit." The woman in the series of Snapchat videos shows what appears to be a COVID-19 testing line and then shows her walking into a public building after she got a COVID-19 test.

"So I just got the COVID-19 test done on me. I am waiting for the results like a [expletive]," the woman in the Snapchat video says."Stay tuned!"

The next video is captioned "yo wtf she saying I actually gotit [sic]...DAMN THIS WHAT I GET FOR TAKING IT AS A JOKE [for real for real]."

In the video where the screenshots came from, the woman says she is in a Walmart. This video is captioned with a Snapchat sticker that says "Not in the mood."

"I'm here at Walmart, 'bout to infest every [expletive], because if I'm going down, all y'all [expletives] going down," she says in the video.

The next video shows her in the car.

"So. If you want to get the coronavirus...and [expletive] die, call me." She then proceeds to give out her phone number on the snap. "Then, I will meet you up and *cough* all *cough* over you...and I will shorten your life."

A Snapchat search revealed no account listed under the name "Lorraine Boutit" and did not list an account under the phone number the woman provided in the videos.

Police said Maradiaga was arrested late Tuesday morning, after arranging her surrender at the Carrollton Police Department. 

Maradiaga told police she has tested negative for COVID-19, and police said that still had no proof if she has tested positive. 

Maradiaga was transferred to the Denton County Jail and her bond was set at $20,000. As a condition of her bond, police said Maradiaga has been ordered to quarantine for 21 days before she can be released. 

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