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Woman who lived on street where Grand Prairie cobra escaped moved next door to where 'Oak Cliff Tiger' was found

"If I can survive a cobra, I can survive a tiger," Lisa Fonseca said. She just recently moved to Oak Cliff after living in Grand Prairie.

DALLAS, Texas — You won't believe Lisa Fonseca's story. 

It's a coincidence so amazing I uttered 'no *expletive* way' when she told me. 

Oak Cliff and social media are losing their collective minds after a tiger cub was seized by law enforcement on Wednesday near 2700 Meadow Gate Lane. 

It was found caged by federal agents and the Dallas Police Department as they served a warrant surrounding weapons charges to popular rapper Trapboy Freddy. 

Lisa Fonseca watched all the commotion unfold outside of her home next door. 

She recently moved to the area after serving hard time (living) on the street where the 'Grand Prairie Cobra' got loose. 

Yes, what a nightmare. Fonseca told WFAA she lived a few houses down from the snake escape. 

That West-Banded African cobra made so many headlines when it went missing in August last year. To this day, it's never been found, but wildlife experts say it's 'doubtful' that it's still alive. 

The snake's owner, 23-year-old Lawrence Matl, was arrested for "intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence releases a regulated snake from captivity."

Today, Fonseca learned wildlife seems to follow her wherever she goes. 

"I came out yesterday and saw a lot of cops, yellow tape, and a lot of unmarked vehicles," Fonseca said. "Then they took out a kennel, and I didn't get to see what was in it." 

"Today, I found out it was a tiger."

What. Are. The. Odds. 

"What a coincidence, right?" Fonseca said with a laugh. "The tiger looked cute, though. If I can live two houses from a cobra, I can survive a tiger." 

If you're wondering, it is possible to own a tiger in Texas, and all you need is a permit and proper insurance. You must also notify local animal control or your sheriff and meet caging requirements. 

But it is illegal to own a tiger within the city limits of Dallas and Houston. 

Down in H-Town last year, a giant tiger escaped its owner's house and sparked panic while roaming a neighborhood. 

Video of the tiger prowling around suburbia was a sight you couldn't forget. 

Fonseca says she may not have been able to handle another escape. 

Credit: WFAA
Lisa Fonseca speaks with WFAA.

"Yeah! What would have happened if it got older, grew up, and escaped? I don't even want to think about it," she laughed. 

But Fonseca says she's glad it wasn't another cobra living next door. 

We asked her: What animal is she going to run into after this? 

"We'll soon find out! To be continued!" she said, laughing.

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