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Witnesses say former NFL player Aqib Talib started brawl that led to fatal shooting of youth coach. New video surfaces

WFAA has obtained new video showing the moments before coach Mike Hickmon was killed.

DALLAS — A new video obtained by WFAA shows another angle of the fatal shooting of a coach at a youth football game in Lancaster over the weekend.

In the video you see the moments before coach Mike Hickmon was shot.

Witnesses say a person wearing a hat and white sneakers in the video is former NFL cornerback, Aqib Talib. They say he walked across the field first to the opposing side.

Coach Heith Mayes witnessed what happened.

”He ran across the field and ran over on our sideline and got in the ref's face,” said Mays.

Multiple witnesses say Aqib Talib was the one who started the brawl because he was upset about referees.

"He threw the first punch, and you see Mike trying to defend himself," said Mays.

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Then you can hear the gunshots. Lancaster police arrested Aqib Talib’s brother, Yaqub Talib, saying he killed coach Hickmon.

In an arrest affidavit, police say this all started over an argument about the score of the game but doesn’t say who started the fight.

Aqib Talib’s lawyer, Frank Perez, issued a statement saying his client "was present when this unfortunate incident occurred and is very distraught and devasted over this terrible loss of life. He would like to convey his condolences to the family of the victim and to everyone who witnessed this unfortunate tragedy.”

The Talib brothers are no strangers to law enforcement and have been investigated for multiple shootings, including in 2016 when Dallas police believe Aqib Talib was shot at the V Live strip club. Two other people were also shot that night.

Aqib Talib and his brother were also investigated in 2015 after someone fired a gun inside a downtown Dallas night club. Dallas police say the brothers had gotten into a fight.

Police say they couldn’t find enough evidence to charge them with any crimes.

But now, Yaqub Talib is charged with murder while police continue to investigate if any other charges will be filed.

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