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City of Wilmer sees population boost as more major companies move into area

The small city of Wilmer, Texas is now boasting a population of 6,690. That's a significant increase from the 4,600 population data recorded in 2021.

WILMER, Texas — About 15 miles south of Dallas and sandwiched between Lancaster, Hutchins, Seagoville and Ferris, there's the small City of Wilmer, Texas. 

“Our city is unique. We’re growing,” said Mayor Sheila Petta.

The City of Wilmer is experiencing a major population boost.

“Last year, our city had a population of 4,600. This year, we have a population of 6,690. I'm very proud of that,” said Petta.

The energy and interest in Wilmer is something city leaders said they’ve been forecasting for an area boasting the lowest tax rates in Dallas County. 

Big businesses like Amazon, Nike, and Whirlpool are among those building warehouses and distribution centers in city. In addition to jobs, new schools are opening in the area. Housing for more families is also in view. 

“With the increase of the population, we know we have a place that people are wanting to come to,” said Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Steele. 

City leaders say growth is allowing them the opportunity to expand public safety resources. 

“With our budget this year, the police department has expanded double since the last five years,” added Steele.

Wilmer Fire Department staff has also increased. 

Even with its positive momentum, the city is still facing some critical challenges. 

Wilmer is described as being situated in a health care desert and food desert. That means, convenient access to full service grocery stores and medical facilities is outside the city. Mayor Petta said the closest full service grocery store is about nine miles away.

“If someone would put a grocery store in here, they're going to make money. And there going to make a lot of money," said Petta.

City leaders said they’ll continue lobbying for the community’s quality of life needs, while proudly boasting the potential and possibilities the City of Wilmer have to offer. They’re optimistic the city will continue seeing growth.

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