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Viewer spots albino squirrel in Cedar Hill

Texas Parks and Wildlife says it's gotten several reports of albino squirrels in the DFW area.

CEDAR HILL, Texas — One North Texas woman had herself a lucky Wednesday morning!

A WFAA viewer says she spotted an albino squirrel in Cedar Hill and captured video of the rare sight.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), the department has gotten several reports of albino squirrels in the Dallas-Fort Worth area through the years, including a famous one at the University of North Texas.

Many North Texans may remember "Lucky" the albino squirrel, who basically became royalty at UNT. The squirrel was said to bring good luck to any students who saw it on campus.

While this squirrel in Cedar Hill doesn't have a name yet, perhaps it can bring its own luck to residents fortunate enough to see it.

Unfortunately, albino animals such squirrels typically don't last very long in the wild due to predators being able to see them much easier in the brown and green ecosystems.

Although it's unclear what type this Cedar Hill squirrel is, the TPWD says true albinos, which have pink eyes, and piebald squirrels, which have white patches, exist in the wild too and are considered quite rare.


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