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Uvalde families petitioning local gun dealer to pull AR-15-style weapons from shelves

Nearly 1,600 people have endorsed the request, asking Oasis Outback to cease AR-15 sales and transfers.

SAN ANTONIO — Nearly 1,600 people have so far signed a petition asking a Uvalde gun dealer to stop selling AR-15-style firearms and ammunition. 

Organizers with Uvalde Strong for Gun Safety say they'll protest outside Oasis Outback if the store's owner does not comply with their request within 30 days. Their countdown started when a mailman delivered a formal petition to the store owner on Aug. 11. 

Petitioners have also asked the store to cease gun transfers. 

The Robb Elementary gunman picked up two rifles from the store during the week preceding the May 24 shooting. He used one of the weapons to kill 21 people inside the school. 

"We recognize that Oasis Outback has positively served the community in several ways and performs a vital role in contributing to our municipality’s vibrancy," the letter reads. "The members of this group feel strongly about our second amendment rights and support your establishment’s commitment to selling guns and ammunition."

"Out of respect for and in support of those affected by this catastrophe, we strongly urge you to cease the sale of assault rifles and the ammunition paired with them," the letter continues. "Doing so will ensure that children across Uvalde County will never have to worry about a new purchase of this type of weapon."

Victims' families met Wednesday to determine how they'd proceed if their request is ignored or denied.

Oasis Outback did not return multiple requests for comment. 

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