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Troy Aikman has 3 Super Bowl Rings, is a Hall of Famer and now has his own beer

The Cowboys legend finally revealed his big project, and it's a low-calorie beer aimed at the health-conscious drinker. Will you pick some up?

DALLAS — Introducing a new beer to the market is like throwing a pass into triple coverage. The window of opportunity is incredibly small and there are no guarantees.

If there’s a guy who can make that throw, though, it’s Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman.

Aikman recently took to Instagram to announce “Eight Elite Light Lager,” a low-calorie, light beer aimed at the health-conscious consumer. It’s a project he has been hinting at for a while now on various social media platforms. 

Aikman has long been known for his commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, and according to his video on Instagram, he assembled a team with the goal of creating a beer that didn’t force drinkers to jeopardize their otherwise healthy living decisions.

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The first beer from his new Eight Beer venture has yet to hit shelves, but according to the official website, it is made from organic grains and antioxidant-rich hops while boasting a mere 90 calories and 2.6 carbs per 12-oz. serving. Cans pictures on the site also note that the beer boasts a 4% ABV. 

In other words? Michelob Ultra, with its 4.2 percent ABC and 95 calories per 12-ounce serving, better watch its back. Troy Aikman is coming right at you.

And his new light craft beer will be here sooner rather than later, too, as Eight Beer's website also teases a formal February launch for its first brew.

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