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TGI Texas: Dallas has a huge homelessness problem, but this group is working to solve it

OurCalling is a faith-focused group working to build relationships and serve as a place where those who are homeless can spend their time and use various resources.

They are the nameless, the faceless, the ones many of us just pass by on the street every day.

But they are all a part of our community. A community that OurCalling, a discipleship ministry, is working to improve by helping those who sleep outside every day.

Wayne Walker, the ministry's executive director, said they serve about 10,000 people annually.

But OurCalling isn't a shelter-- it's a place where people can come during the day and meet with pastors, receive health care, get their veterans' benefits, wash their clothes or just take a shower.

There are 20 different partner agencies under one roof, making it a one-stop shop for people needing a little extra help.

Tabitha is one of their clients. She has been living on the streets for 9 months, struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

She gave up custody of her son, who she said now struggles with not knowing when they can be together again. 

But since coming to OurCalling, Tabitha has made huge strides. 

"There's been no more alcohol, no more drugs," she explained. "Cause it was spirit led. The spirit led me here."

She's not the only one who's found faith. The organization has so much faith in her future, that the group decide to go a step further with her recovery and send her to a one-year program.

Excited to begin that journey, she said her focus is now on reclaiming her life, then working towards getting her son back.

Currently, there are more than 3,800 people in Dallas experiencing homelessness.

That's the most of any one place in the state of Texas.

Walker said the reason is easy to explain.

"Our shelters are full. We're not creating low-income housing in Dallas, and most people's solutions is to toss five bucks out my window or show up with a sandwich in the name of Jesus," he said. "People need much more than that. They need relationships. They need community."

Building those relationships is what OurCalling specializes in.

The group's focus is to build a community for those who are homeless in order to combat their state of disconnection from the rest of the world.

And that community is how they help restore lives.

OurCalling runs entirely on donations and the hard work of a small staff and lots of volunteers. 

Many of those who were once served by the group come back to help its current clients. 

"They want to participate, because everyone is part of the problem or part of the solution," Walker said. "There's no middle ground there. So, we can either ignore the problem, or we can really address it and become part of what's happening in the city."

To find out more about OurCalling, click here. 

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