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Love Ted Lasso? A Dallas baker recreated the 'biscuits' from the show - and they're incredible

Cathy McEachern of Lemma's Bakeshop is getting nationwide requests for her "Lasso Biscuits." She's booked for orders until after Christmas.

DALLAS, Texas — Cathy McEachern does one of two things daily this December: cooking or delivering her version of Ted Lasso's biscuits.

The Dallas baker runs Lemma's Bakeshop and started making the dessert earlier this year after bingeing the first season of the show. 

The biscuits are such a hit that she's booked on orders until after Christmas. 

"I'm probably making 200 a day," McEachern said. "I have people calling me from all over the country about them." 

"We're not doing shipping just yet, but we did have to shut off our orders because we just don't have the capacity." 

"Ted Lasso" is a wholesome comedy about an American football coach hired to turn around an English soccer club. 

Lasso, played by SNL veteran Jason Sudeikis, has never coached soccer before, and viewers learn during the first season that he was hired to accelerate the team's demise. 

Viewers are pleased when Lasso wins over the club and its owner, in part due to his kindness. 

Credit: Cathy McEachern
A photo of Cathy McEachern's Ted Lasso biscuits.

After quietly being released on Apple TV+, the show has garnered millions of fans after scoring big at the 2021 Emmy Awards. 

Hilariously, it involves two things Americans aren't very good at - soccer and treating others as you would like to be treated.

Lasso constantly delivers English biscuits/cookies to the owner of the club, who is played by actress Hannah Waddingham, to win her over. 

It's a fun, quirky part of the show that allows viewers to fall in love with both characters. Waddingham's character is entirely reluctant to show any appreciation of Lasso at first, but the biscuits win her over because they're so good. 

"I was watching the show thinking the biscuits looked really tasty," McEachern said. "Then I thought, you know I could probably bake those." 

McEachern had a test group - her family. 

She baked a batch and brought them to a get-together around Easter. 

"I put them in a box, like in the show, and then wrapped it with a bow and put a little tag, and everyone just loved them and went nuts for them, so it kind of just took off from there," McEachern said. 

McEachern rents a kitchen at an area church and makes the biscuits there, and she then delivers them in the afternoon. 

The biscuits come in a pink box, like in the show, and are also fitted with a paper tag containing a Ted Lasso quote. 

McEachern said she started getting more orders after the show got so many Emmy wins earlier this year. 

"It's just been an entertaining ride," McEachern said. "It's amazing how this hits a note with everyone." 

There's no official recipe for the biscuits used in the show, but fans speculate the biscuits are some sort of shortbread. 

McEachern thinks they're more of a Southern Tea Cake and uses her grandmother's recipe to make the desert.

Her grandmother, Lemma, is the namesake of her bakeshop. 

"She probably has five different recipes of tea cakes," McEachern said. "I have all of these lovely water-stained recipes that we work off of." 

If you want a piece of the goodness, you can get in line for your biscuits at lemmasbakeshop.com.

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