FORT WORTH, Texas — Off Dick Price Road near Kennedale, there's a small building with fresh red paint. 

The building, for decades, was Kenneth's True Pit Bar-B-Q, which closed down. But it is now being transformed by three pit masters into Goldee's BBQ. 

Three friends, Dylan Taylor, Lane Milne and Jonny White, are the co-owners of the soon-to-open restaurant.

They spent the last six years in Austin, working for established barbecue joints and mastering the art of barbecue. 

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"We worked at a lot of cool places, learned a lot of neat stuff," Milne said.

Opening Goldee's is a homecoming for them. The three are from Arlington and have been friends since the third grade. They are excited to bring their barbecue knowledge back home.

"It's just a nice tiny barbecue restaurant for us, and that's really what we wanted," said White. 

They are looking forward to bringing their own unique flavor to North Texas, but making sure they keep some memories of the building's late-owner. 

"We saved all the old table legs from Kenneth's tables that were in this space, so we're going to reuse those," Taylor said. 

After all, the art of barbecue has a lot of history, and the Goldee's team is excited to be a part of it. 

Goldee's BBQ is expected to open by June. 

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