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Student threatened to 'shoot up' Italy High School, officials say

School officials sent a letter to parents on Thursday saying the threat was 'successfully handled.'
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School classroom

A 13-year-old student threatened to "shoot up" Italy High School on Thursday, school officials said. 

The student did not bring a weapon to the school, and Italy police said the student was being bullied. He has been placed on suspension. 

Superintendent Michelle Schwind sent a letter to parents Thursday saying there was a "threat of violence to the students and staff of Italy High School." 

The student claimed he was planning to "shoot up the school" on Thursday, Schwind said in the letter. 

The threat at the high school in Ellis County comes more than a year after another student took a gun to the school and shot a female student. 

A female student was injured in a shooting in the school's cafeteria in January 2018. A male student took a semi-automatic handgun into the school, shot the girl and fled when confronted by school staff. 

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Chad Padilla Jr., pleaded guilty this year and was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the shooting. 

Padilla was certified as an adult to face criminal charges in the school shooting.

Italy police officials said this week's threat is still under investigation, and no criminal charges have been filed against the student. 

The Italy Independent School District superintendent told parents that school officials "believe that the threat has been successfully handled and there is no risk to the students and staff in attending school" Friday.

"However, since this was deemed a credible threat, we wanted to be transparent with you and provide you notice," Schwind wrote. 

Police first learned of the threat Wednesday, the day before the student claimed he would go to the school with a weapon. 

Officials said there is an officer at the campus and the Italy Police Department planned to have "other officers there to help keep the school safe." 

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