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Holy smokes, howdy folks! Fletcher's launching new kind of corny dog for State Fair of Texas

Just be sure to try this out AFTER you take a whirl on the rides; it promises to be too good to hurl.

DALLAS — Big Tex is going to need a big gulp of milk or maybe some crackers with the release of Fletcher's latest creation: the Dallas Hot Bird Dog.

The new menu item will make its debut just in time for the start of the State Fair of Texas this fall. The Dog is "packed with heat," along with cheesy goodness, according to a news release from the company. 

While it has a smoked turkey frank as its base, this dog is different from anything Fletchers has done before: no stick. You'll need to eat it with your hands, or, perhaps, a fork, as you peruse the Midway and get that picture with Big Tex. 

The frank is deep fried in a "fiery seasoned batter" before being split open to make space for a "creamy mac and cheese" to be piled on. Plus, there are fried jalapeños to top it off, along with Cholula drizzle. 

Credit: Fletcher's Corny Dog

Sound appealing? You'll have to work a little bit to find it, because the Dallas Hot Bird Dog will only be offered at one of Fletcher's seven stands at the Fair. You can find it at the family's "Retro Concession Trailer" on the Thrillway, northeast of the Midway, where the "extreme rides" are located. Just be sure to eat it AFTER you take a whirl on the rides. Wouldn't want to hurl, right?

The Fletchers spent months creating the new dog to enter into the Big Tex Choice Awards, according to the release. While they didn't make it to the Top 10, it is the first time in the company's 79-year history they've ever altered their batter. So if you want to taste history in the making, you'll want to grab a bite of one of these. 

And this spicy corny dog is not the only new addition to Fletcher's State Fair menu. Stands will also be selling the all-beef and brisket blend dog the company launched in May. 

So if you're already drooling, don't worry, you only have about one more week to wait. 


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