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Victim shot in the head at southern Dallas concert will have cognitive issues for the rest of her life, family says

Jazmin Anderson’s mother told WFAA she was near the stage when she was shot.

DALLAS — Dallas police detectives are still working around the clock to find the suspect that opened fired at a concert and trail ride, injuring 16 people and killing one

One victim, WFAA learned, was shot in the head. Doctors told the family she will never be the same again. 

Jazmin Anderson’s mother told WFAA her daughter was near the stage when she was shot. A stranger lifted Anderson up, and walked her out of the crowd and onto an ATV. Anderson was in surgery within an hour.  

A neurosurgeon told the family, Anderson still has a long road to recovery. 

“All I can think about is my daughter standing in front of me, being happy,” said Moneica Anderson, the victim’s mother.

It was about two weeks ago, when Monecia’s daughter, Jazmin, was getting ready for the second annual epic Easter bike out and field party in Southern Dallas.

Then, she got the phone call she dreaded.  

“I’m really torn up right now. My baby was the next worse, next to Kealon’s family,” said Monecia. 

She said her daughter was standing next to 26-year-old Kealon Gilmore. Gilmore was killed.

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The neurosurgeon said the bullet split apart, and Anderson will have bullet fragments in her brain for the rest of life. 

“The part of the brain that it effected was her impulse issues,” said Monecia.

She said a team from the critical care unit is doing simple exercises with her, to keep her brain stimulated. 

“Like the math, they said the part of the brain that affects her math skills will be effected,” said Monecia.

Anderson's father is at her hospital bedside as often as possible, but in order to pay the bills, he has to leave often to continue work as a truck driver. 

“I told her I have to go. As I watched her in so much pain, it was hard. I remind her that she is no one’s victim, but a survivor,” her father, Lorenzo Anderson said in a letter. 

A survivor, who one day has dreams of opening up a hair salon. But right now, her parents are focused on getting justice for their daughter— making this plea to the public: 

“This is real. If anybody knows something, please say something. They need to be brought to justice,” said Monecia. 

The family set up a GoFundMe account, hoping it will pay for her medical expenses. If you would like to donate, click here

Read Lorenzo Anderson’s full statement below:

"First of all my condolences to Kealon Gilmore's family. It is to my understanding that he was only a few feet from Jazmin when he got shot in the head and died at the scene. My heart and my prayers go out to that family. 

My daughter Jazmin survived the gunshot to her head. However, she has begun a very long road to recovery. My wife and I pray that she will be able to live a normal, progressive life. We will not be sure of how severe the impact of her injuries will effect "the Jazmin all us her family and friends know and love." 

There are so many moving parts to this case. My main concern is my daughter Jazmin and what is best for her. She has asked not to share photos of her in this dark time in her life, Jazmin is all about beauty-hair, makeup, that's who she is. I've watched her bring the beauty out of many young ladies and for this thing to happen to her breaks my heart. 

I travel for a living and sometimes I'm gone a couple of weeks at a time. I had to return to work yesterday and told her I had to go. To watch her in so much pain was so hard and it is even harder talking to her on the phone hearing her in all that pain. I remind her that she is no one's victim but a survivor. 

God kept her here with us and we will get through this and she will be better. I have faith and I know the authorities will capture and convict the coward that shot 10 innocent people and killed a young man. I want to thank the young people that helped my daughter get to the ambulance. From what I gathered it was so crowded, a young man picked her up carried her through the crowd to the ambulance. Which was a big part of saving her life."

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