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Plano city officials to hold meeting over short-term rental regulations after recent sex trafficking ring bust

Authorities said homeless teens were forced into a sex trafficking ring at a house on La Palma Lane in Plano.

PLANO, Texas — Last month, Plano and Dallas police arrested two people in connection to running a sex trafficking ring inside of a Plano short-term rental home.  

Monday evening, several concerned residents are gathering at Plano City Hall to discuss a plan for new rules for short-term rentals.  

It’s been a growing problem. 

Many minors who have been trafficked across Collin County have received help at Texas City House, a homeless shelter. 

“There are sex traffickers looking to pick up young homeless people on the streets. That to me is the biggest danger,” said Tracey Sherman with Texas City House.

Sherman's mission: to get young homeless teens off of the streets before they get sex trafficked. 

“Hey, how ya doing?” Sherman says in the video, as she approaches a young man. 

Sherman and the Texas City House team drive around Collin County day and night, looking to help homeless teens.  

“When I was on my own, a lot of the struggle I had was, particularly men, seeing me. They want to pick me up. They wanted to take advantage of me,” said Michelle, who was part of a transitional living program.

Michelle is fortunate to tell her story. She got help, while many others are still living in fear. 

Sheri Messer, the CEO for Texas City House, works closely with the victims.

“All of our kids are susceptible to sex trafficking,” said Messer. 

She and the team were heartbroken when the news came out two weeks ago, when police arrested two people in Plano. 

“1 in 3 kids in our population are trafficked within 48 hours,” said Messer. 

Authorities said homeless teens were forced into a sex trafficking ring at a house on La Palma Lane in Plano.

“It was devastating, honestly really scary,” said Krista Wadkins, the director of Young Adult Services. 

After the bust, and several other suspicious activities involving short-term rentals, Plano city officials are taking action by laying out a plan. 

The goal for Monday night's meeting is simply a fact-finding effort, where city officials say, they’ve been getting a lot of complaints from people living in Plano about short-term rentals.  

While there will be no decision made by city councilors, Texas City House says, they will continue to work relentlessly to help find sex trafficking victims.

“The hot spots that we normally go to are like the DART station, parks, where  we have seen homeless youth,” said a worker from Texas City House.

“Sometimes we don’t know if they’re homeless or not... we will stop and say, hey, what are you doing, you guys good?” said Sherman. 

To report a homeless teen, call Texas City House at 972-424-4626. The number for Texas City House after hours is 972-971-0278. 

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