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Wednesday's Child: Kambrin, DJ, Alex

You're about to meet a group of three adorable brothers who are full of energy and love.

If you've ever thought about adopting more than one child, today might be the sign you've been looking for. You're about to meet a group of three adorable brothers who are full of energy and love.

They've also been placed in too many foster homes already and need a family that's forever. Three and a half years is how long these three beautiful boys have been in foster care.

For Alex, that would be his entire life as he is only 3 years old.

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Kambrin is 5. "I like pizza!" he exclaims.

DJ is 6. "I love this place forever!" he screams referring to Urban Air Trampoline Park in Southlake.

Jumping around and flying high is what makes these boys beam.

"They are very sweet and very active. They're ALL boy," said Paige Formby who is DJ, Alex and Kambrin's case worker.

"Everybody who sees them seems to want them. That's a challenge actually getting to that point, where we can find a family who can adopt them and ensure that all their needs are met," she said.

Formby says the brothers came into care because of neglect and lack of supervision. In the three and a half years they've been in the system, she says Kambrin and Alex have been placed in six different foster homes. DJ has been in 5.

"I just hope we can find the perfect family for them that will always take care of them and just commit to them and not give up on them," says Formby.

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Yet through all their difficulties, these children shine and depend on each other to thrive simply by being together.

"They mean so much love to me. I like my brothers," says oldest brother DJ.

DJ, Alex and Kambrin need parents with the energy to push them forward, keep up with them and choose to love all three.

"My mommy and daddy. I want them to treat me nice and protect me and take me some places," says DJ.

Falling in love with DJ, Kambrin and Alex is instantaneous. One day, they hope their group hug grows to include the parents they need so very much.

In order to adopt a child, you must be licensed in the state of Texas as an adoptive parent. For more Information on how to get started please visit the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange website or call La Queena Warren at 817-792-4954 or 817-304-1272.