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Wednesday's Child: Conner

Nine-year-old Conner is not afraid to talk about his neglectful past and knows exactly what he wants and needs from a forever family.

Today's Wednesday's Child has such a bright spirit, even the giraffes were following him around at the Dallas Zoo.

Nine-year-old Conner is not afraid to talk about his neglectful past and knows exactly what he wants and needs from a forever family.

Conner is an incredibly sweet boy who gets along with almost everyone including giraffes. One of them at the Dallas Zoo kept following Conner around.

“When I fed it the first time, I accidentally gave it all of the food at one time," he said speculating as to whether that’s why the giraffe was following him around.

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Conner is a neat kid. He’s figured out the golden rule at a very young age. Conner treats others the way he wants to be treated. He says it's what God calls us to do.

“The day I got saved I felt like I wanted to be nice to everyone," he said.

Conner believes kindness is a good quality for the line of work he wants to pursue.

"One of the things I really want to be is a police officer because they help the community and risk their lives to keep people safe," he said.

Being safe at home is something very important to Conner, especially because of the abuse and neglect he suffered in his biological home.

"At my real house, my parents really didn't care about us," he said.

Conner is grateful for his foster family, who he says works hard to help him have a normal life.

"I love my foster parents right now because they try their best to take care of us," he said.

They also take him to church, where Conner is active. He says God is the one who will help him find his forever family.

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"When you pray to Him he does what He can, but you have to choose to let Him help you," he said.

Conner chooses to behave and help his foster parents with chores and tasks.

At school, he makes good grades and is respectful to his teacher. He gives what he wants.

"I wish that I have a family that loves me and takes care of me," he said.

Conner's needs are very simple. He wants parents who will protect, guide and love him as if he were their own blood.

"I want a home that loves me as much as they can," he said smiling.

Just like the giraffe gravitated toward Conner, his hope is that a family will too -- one who will see his tender heart and adopt him.

Please send all approved home studies to La Queena Warren at the email address below, if you’re already licensed. Please remember to include the child or children’s names within the subject line. If you’re not licensed, please visit adoptchildren.org to find out more information on how to become licensed to foster and/or adopt or contact 817-304-1272.