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McKinney National Airport could offer commercial flights as soon as 2026, officials say

City officials told WFAA several major airlines are expressing interest

MCKINNEY, Texas — McKinney National Airport could join DFW and Love Field in offering commercial service flights as soon as 2026, city officials say.

The plan is still in its early phases. To bring it to life, voters would need to approve a bond referendum, and an airline would need to commit. But the director of the airport, Ken Carley, told WFAA carrier interest shouldn't be a problem.

"We’re talking with all of them," he said. "And at different levels, all have expressed interest being here."

Mayor George Fuller told WFAA the airport is not trying to compete with or take business away from DFW or Love Field. Instead, he said, the Metroplex needs another airport to keep up with its booming growth.

And he thinks Collin County is the perfect place to put it.

"Just Collin County alone will grow from 1.1 million to over 3 million people," Fuller said. 

"Cities like Denison, Durant, Princeton, Westin, Anna, all of those will benefit from commercial services here in Mckinney."

If all goes according to plan, city leaders estimate about 500,000 passengers would take off from TKI each year.

That number, Fuller said, could grow.

"I believe we’ll see in times billions of dollars of economic impact to the region," he added.

Fuller said it's too soon to know exactly who would foot what part of the bill.

The bond committee just convened, and the city will look at available funds at both the state and federal level. 

"We’re at the early, early stages of identifying how we fund this project," he said.

The project, he added, could cost about $300 million. 

The terminal would have four gates, with the ability to eventually expand to 16. 

Assistant City Manager Barry Shelton said the airport would likely offer 10 to 20 commercial flights a day.


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