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Airline experts recommend you book travel now for the holidays

If you’re traveling for the holidays, travel experts say, now is the time to book your ticket and don’t wait.
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DALLAS — The holidays are around the corner.

If you’re traveling for the holidays, travel experts say, now is the time to book your ticket and don’t wait.

You will see airfare jump.

“Prices are slowly coming down right now. Expected to keep that rate? Oh no, they’re going to pop up by Halloween,” said Steve Cosgrove, from Dynamic Travel.

You need to book now if you’re traveling for the holidays.

“If you check your airfare, you will see them going up every day…. a few dollars, a few dollars,” said Cosgrove.

 And, it’s the same story for hotels to rental cars.

“There is still a shortage of rental cars out there, the whole travel industry is still struggling,” said Cosgrove.

With the industry still struggling, domestic airfare is up 25% from last year, according to hopper.

One tip from Cosgrove: Look at alternate airports. 

“If you’re looking at Chicago, look in Milwaukee, look at Chicago Midway,” said Cosgrove.

Also, be flexible with your travel days.

“If you’re looking at Wednesday before Thanksgiving, look at the Tuesday,” said Cosgrove.

If you see a price that is suitable for you, don’t wait.

“If you find it, don’t sit around and wait for it. have your credit card ready,” said Cosgrove.

Experts suggest frequent flyers should get a credit card that earns miles.

You can earn miles by everyday purchases’ like the gas station, to grocery shopping.

“Shove everything on the credit card, and earn miles,” said Cosgrove.

Experts say another way you can save time and money, pack light and if possible, just take a carry-on.

“As you can see with the photo behind me, luggage does tend to get lost from time to time,” said Cosgrove.

“Pack the patience, if you’re traveling with the kids, bring toys, that keep them occupied. The other 174 passengers aren’t the babysitters,” said Cosgrove.

The best time to book flights for the holidays is typically four months before travel, but consumers can still lock in a good price before the month ends, says Scott Keyes, founder of Scott's Cheap Flights.

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