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Frisco middle school principal and clarinet student: See how this standout pupil is inspiring her 6th grade classmates

Getting involved in the classroom, Stafford Middle School Principal Robin Scott has been a student in the clarinet class all year, leading by example.

FRISCO, Texas — In Mrs. Laura Bell's second period class at Stafford Middle School, her 6th graders have a routine. They take a seat, set up their clarinets and get ready to play.

The kids also know their class attendance isn't full until a standout pupil walks in the door. 

"She's just being like a regular student, like all the other sixth graders," said Christopher Contreras Ruelas, a student.

His school principal, Robin Scott, has been a part of the clarinet class all school year as a student.

"That's my bestie, Miss Scott," said 6th grader Brynnlee Wormer with a smile. 

In the beginning, she said, "It was pretty nerve-wracking, like you didn't want to mess up because she is there, but then you see her make mistakes and you feel better." 

Principal Scott's daily presence in the music class teaches the students it's okay to make mistakes and learn from them. She also teaches them it's never too late to learn something new. 

"I didn't even know how to read music. I mean, I truly went in as a beginner," said Scott. 

She's always wanted to learn an instrument and asked Mrs. Bell for the opportunity to do so.

"I full expected she'd be in a class one or two days a week, and then it would fizzle out as the year went on. And that absolutely has not been the case. If she has been on campus, she has been in class," said Bell. 

While Scott has many administrative duties, she finds time to keep up in class. She does the homework, assessments and tests like the 6th graders. 

"The most joy of my day is being in that class alongside them," said Scott. 

She's developed stronger relationships with her students, and has become more involved. 

 Scott hopes to continue learning the clarinet, even after the school year is over.