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Grapevine lovebirds searching for mystery couple who took their first-ever photo so they can receive a wedding invite

The mystery couple encouraged the photo in case Andrew Murray and Lyndsey Luther ever got married.

DALLAS — A Grapevine couple set to be married in April of this year wishes they could travel back in time to their first date in 2019.

Why? They want to know the names of a mystery couple who encouraged a photo on their first evening together -- just in case they ever got married. 

Since time travel isn't possible, Andrew Murray and Lyndsey Luther say they are searching for that couple, hoping to extend an invite to their wedding.

"Like, who knew from that one night what was going to happen with us?" Luther said with a laugh. "If we find these people and they end up coming to our wedding, that would be really crazy and cool." 

Credit: Lyndsey Luther
The first picture Lyndsey Luther and Andrew Murray ever took. Now, they're trying to track down the couple who snapped it.

Murray and Luther met on Match.com, and the two settled on a date at the then-NYLO Hotel, which is now the Canvas Hotel, with a breathtaking view of downtown Dallas. 

"She mentioned NYLO was one of her favorite spots to go, so I figured that would be a great meeting point," Murray said. 

Murray admits that he was nervous. He told WFAA that he had never been on a date with someone he had met online. 

"He shook my hand; he was so nervous," Luther said with a laugh. "It was like a business meeting. It's cute to look back on now, but back then, I knew he was nervous." 

"I didn't know what the etiquette was," Murray chimed in. 

After having dinner inside, the two went onto the hotel's rooftop but found out it was crowded. 

However, a couch had some space on it, but another couple was sitting on the other end. 

"We just asked them if we could share the couch with them," Murray said. 

At some point during the night, both couples got to talking. When the mystery man got up from the couch, Luther and Murray were asked by the woman he was with if they were on a first date.

"I told her we were," Luther said. "She could tell then wishes us luck and moves on." 

But at one point in the night, the woman got up, and while she was gone, the man asked the same question about how long Murray and Luther had been together. 

Instead of going with the first date answer, Murray made a bold move. 

"Without skipping a beat, Andrew said, 'Yes, we have been married two years, oh actually almost three in October! We live down the street, and we don't have any children yet, but we do two dogs.' Even though my jaw dropped, I went along with the joke the best I could," Luther said. 

"When this man's wife came back, he started to tell her about our conversation, and she said, 'What? No! This is their first date; they just met here tonight!'"

When the jig was up, everyone had a big belly laugh. 

"We all thought it was hilarious, and then the guy took our picture and said, 'in case you ever do get married, this will be a photo you can both look back on and laugh about,'" Luther said. 

The couple posted about the incident on Reddit, and it's received a lot of attention. But finding the mystery couple might prove to be complicated. 

Who knows if they even live in North Texas anymore -- or the state for that matter. 

From Luther and Murray's memory, their description also shows they could be anyone.

"They were light-skinned, probably in their mid to late 40s, he had brown hair, she had blonde hair. That's the most we can remember, and it would be impossible to spot them--we're just hoping they see this story," Luther said.

It's a hail mary with just seconds left on the clock, but if they're found, Luther said an invite to their wedding is waiting. 

"It would be so cool to have them there," Luther said.


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