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'Hear our voices': Frisco residents speak out against proposed Universal Studios park

"The infrastructure in that area cannot support this," one resident said.

FRISCO, Texas — Frisco City Council members held a public hearing for the community to voice their opinions on the possible Universal Studios theme park coming to the city. 

And voice their opinions they did. 

"This project really comes down to whether it is really for our residents or for the outsiders and I just do not see this project benefitting our residents more than it benefits tourists and transient traffic visitors," one resident said.

Two people spoke in favor, one local business owner and an Omni PGA manager, arguing for job creation and growing Frisco. 

"We're sitting here with this unbelievable opportunity to bring a theme park that will benefit this community in ways I don't think we could ever dream," the business owner said. 

The Omni PGA manager said this park would take Frisco to a whole new level. 

"I'd like to have you think about that child that's under 10 years old that's going to have the memories of this experience of that beautiful Universal project and they're going to remember it was in Frisco, Texas," he said. 

However, the resident who spoke after him said there was a conflict of interest with those two speakers, which resulted in applause from the crowd at the meeting. 

"I would like to see us go at a much slower pace and give residents time to see the economic impact study, traffic study, crime study to consider and see if we truly have the workforce to support such a large endeavor," one resident said. 

One resident told council members they want them to take time to let all the residents see what they are doing to feel comfortable with it, and that it was going way too fast at the moment. 

"With tons of people I get it... but guys, this is our home, this is my neighborhood and if we have 60,000 people coming out of my neighborhood...please understand where we're coming from. Hear our voices," they said. 

The proposed theme park geared to children will draw a local and regional audience. 

Universal in Frisco is still far from reality. It still needs approval of planning and zoning and after that, city council.

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