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Frisco is beefing up police presence at elementary schools. Here's what that looks like

Unlike middle and high schools in Frisco ISD, not all elementary schools get a dedicated school resource officer.

FRISCO, Texas — Frisco Independent School District and the Frisco Police Department launched a new program this school year to increase police presence at elementary schools. 

Every high school and middle school has a dedicated school resource officer, but that's not the case at elementary schools. Traditionally, an SRO from a middle school would also be responsible for 2-3 elementary schools.

The district is now hiring three new SROs to exclusively patrol elementary schools. Administrators hope eventually to continue expanding the program.

Officer William Lo is a school resource officer in charge of elementary schools. WFAA spent the day with him at Boals Elementary.

His Monday started in the classroom, reading to students. 

Then, one student asked about the pepper spray and handcuffs on his belt. 

"It's just an option in our belt, right?" Officer Lo explained. 

"Just because I have it, doesn't mean I use it. Like your pencil box. You have your glue stick your pencil your markers. It's like my toolbox."

Then, Officer Lo went to the playground where he facilitated freeze tag and 'Red Light, Green Light,' followed by rock paper scissors at lunch. 

"The students... see a side of policing that normally they're not used to," Officer Lo said, explaining why he enjoys socializing with the kids. 

"Getting to jump into music class, or doing art projects, or getting to read with them or to them."

As much fun as he has with his small friends, Officer Lo also knows he carries a big responsibility.

With Uvalde top of mind for so many families, he reassured, he'll never wait to neutralize a threat. 

"We won't hesitate to make sure that they go home," he said. 

Boals principal Christina Baren said the increased SRO presence provides a certain peace of mind.  

"Having one close by, on campus, or a phone call away, it's good to know they're available and ready to support any way they can," she said.

She smiled reflecting on how much Officer Lo enjoys music and art class with the kids.

"He wants to be a friend, here's there to help support."


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