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Four students have been hit by cars on or near a Wylie ISD campus since school year began

The Wylie Police Department and district officials say there isn't a phenomenon, just a lack of attention.

WYLIE, Texas — The Wylie Independent School District is asking students and drivers to pay closer attention to one another after several students have been hit by cars while going to and leaving class. 

Since the school year started on August 15, four students riding bikes on or near school property have been hit by cars during drop off and pick up hours.

The Wylie Police Department and district officials say there isn't a phenomenon, just a lack of attention.  

The first incident was reported on Aug. 20 at Wylie East High School. A student was hit by a car while riding their bike in a neighborhood by the campus. 

On Aug. 28, the second incident was reported at Harrison Intermediate when a student riding to school was hit by a car on the property. 

The third came on Sept. 5 when a driver struck a 16-year-old student at Wylie East High School on campus as they rode home. 

The most recent was reported on Monday when a driver struck a 13-year-old McMillan Junior High student on campus as they rode their bike to school in the morning. 

Superintendent David Vinson said that he's never seen a string of accidents like this during his tenure. 

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"It seems that no one has the intention of hurting someone," Vinson said. "The notion is, we're all in too big of a hurry." 

Sgt. Donald English of Wylie Police told WFAA that none of the students hit were seriously injured, but said one did need some stitches. 

He added that drivers were obeying school zone speeds in each accident and that only one was given a ticket for failing to yield. 

Ultimately, he said that the accidents can be attributed to drivers and students not staying aware of their surroundings. 

"It could be my kid or your kid, and that's why it's so concerning," English said. "Make sure that they see you, and when they do — it's probably safe to pass." 

English added that every kid in each accident wasn't wearing a helmet, and that most are riding through crosswalks instead of getting off their bikes and walking across with them like they're supposed to. 

"Take the time to stop, get off, and walk across," English said. 

Superintendent Vinson is also encouraging both students and drivers to stay off their phones, which can be an added distraction.  

"I know that we're all in a hurry, but getting there safe is our biggest priority," Vinson said. 

Yet, parent Tonia Jimenez told WFAA that she puts a lot of responsibility on drivers, saying kids can't be expected to always make the right decisions.

"We're the ones driving a 4,000-pound vehicle in school zones. We should always be conscious of what's going on around us," Jimenez said. 

Jimenez has a son that goes to the intermediate school adjacent to where one student was hit. 

"This is a wake-up call for parents. I don't understand how four children can be hit by a vehicle in a designated school zone during school zone hours," she said. 

"How does that happen?" 

Sgt. English said that school resource officers are always monitoring drop off and pick up times, but that his department is reviewing each accident to see if there's anything that can be addressed. 

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Patience is really what the district wants to see because taking an extra second when you roll by a school--can make the difference.