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Female officer shot during police training in Fort Worth

Police say the officer is in critical, but stable, condition as of Saturday afternoon.

FORT WORTH, Texas — A Sansom Park officer was shot during a police training exercise at a Fort Worth elementary school and is in critical condition, police say. 

While the officer is still in critical condition, Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer, on behalf of Forest Hill Police Chief Eddie Burns, said the officer is now stable. 

The training was held at a Fort Worth ISD school, David K. Sellars Elementary, where a police training was being held involving the Forest Hill and Sansom Park police departments.

"This is a truly tragic situation," Spencer said. "This is not something that's common."

Spencer said the training was conducted by a third-party who provided the training supplies and weapons, but denied to name the third-party while the investigation is ongoing. He added that there was not live fire training planned for the day, and it's unclear how a weapon was introduced. 

"The training provider is the one that provided the weapons," Spencer said. "And this was not a live fire training. That's all I know. How a weapon was introduced, we don't know. And that's what we're hopeful the investigation will turn over."

The officer was shot with a live round, he said, but it's not yet known how that happened. 

"I can confirm that we don't ever use live ammunition in any sort of exercise," Spencer said. "That's not common for law enforcement."

Spencer said he is unsure if the person who fired the weapon has been placed on administrative leave, but that there is going to be an interview investigation.

No one else was hurt aside from the female officer, police said. 

Police say the training was a school-based active shooter training. 

Sansom Park police have not commented on the shooting at this time.

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