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How to actually beat COVID-19 at home, according to a doctor's advice

"Be careful getting advice from your mother, your neighbor. Talk to your doctor when you have a chance," Dr. David Winter of Baylor Scott & White Health said.

DALLAS — Social media is replete with recommendations and home remedies for treatments for improved recovery at home from the symptoms of COVID-19.

However, experts warn that the advice you choose should come from a medical professional, not a Facebook post from a random stranger.

"I would first say home remedies often don't make a lot of sense," Dr. David Winter of Baylor Scott & White Health said, when asked for his expert advice on a recent social media post titled "How to Fight COVID at Home."

"Some are crazy and some actually are dangerous," he said.

The first advice on the social media post we asked him to verify was to always sleep on our stomach. It also said to set an alarm to wake up every two hours or so to walk around and move your arms for a half hour before going back to sleep.

Dr. Winter says that advice is faulty at best.

"You know sleeping on your stomach seems to make a lot of sense for people in the ICU with really bad COVID pneumonia, but for folks at home, no," Dr. Winter said. "I don't feel it makes any difference at all."

Dr. Winter recommended people sleep in a position that is most comfortable for them.

"Getting up a couple of times or every two hours doesn't make any sense at all," Dr. Winter said. "Sleep as much as you can. The main thing is to get good rest. I don't care what position you are in. But get plenty of rest."

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The Facebook post also suggested specific liquids, such as Gatorade and electrolytes, and specific fruits and vegetables. 

Dr. Winter says to simply eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, regardless cold or lukewarm as the social media post suggested it should always be.

"If you have COVID, or any infection for that matter, drinking lots of liquids and getting plenty of rest is very important," Dr. Winter said. "But rest and lots of liquids are the two most important things you can do to get over this virus."

As for the post's suggestion to take vitamins and to take a small dose of aspirin to protect against blood clots, Dr. Winter said he sees no harm in that as long as it is in moderation.

"There's a lot of misinformation out there, a lot of crazy ideas," Dr. Winter said. "I get calls every day about this new idea or this new thought, and they don't usually pan out. Just use common sense. If you have a question, call your doctor."