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Emergency rescue crews prepare for possible flash flooding

The Fort Worth Fire Department will use social media to warn drivers about the dangers of driving on flooded roads.

FORT WORTH, Texas — Public safety is on the minds of emergency rescue crews all over North Texas as heavy rain floods the forecast.  

Some fire departments are already trying to get residents' attention on social media about playing it safe, especially behind the wheel. But some neighborhoods expect the worst too. 

People in the Misty Creek neighborhood in the City of Arlington are concerned about flash flooding in the forecast because when it rains here, it pours. And it really floods.  

Neighborhood leader Martin Lisius knows a lot about the weather because he has been part of the Texas Severe Storm Association. The creek behind his home is proof of just how much damage rushing water from the rain and drains can do. 

"They say, oh, my God, that's. Yes, the Grand Canyon of Arlington," said Martin Lisius. 

That's how people describe the backyard of Arlington homeowner Martin Lisius. When it rains, his backyard floods big-time like in a video another homeowner nearby recorded during a recent downpour.  Martin shared several concerns about heavy rain in the forecast for the weekend.

Martin Lisius said, "That's really my number one concern is, is people that can get caught in this uncontrolled rampage that was created by the city, all the focus of all that concrete and development."

Craig Trojacek serves as the Spokesperson and Public Information Officer for The Fort Worth Fire Department.  They have been monitoring the weather and immediately started preparing messaging to the public to hopefully minimize the number of flooding-related emergency calls they will get during the heavy rain.  Many of the emergencies they respond to are preventable.

Craig Trojacek said, "The possibility of flash flood this coming week, that's a pretty hot topic right now."

Trojacek and his team at the Fort Worth Fire Department will flood social media with warning messages and basic safety tips about Flash Flooding. They are urging drivers to think twice about chancing their vehicles on a flooded road. Especially since just a little flood water can be dangerous.

Craig Trojacek said, "Six inches of rushing water can take a person down and about two feet of moving or rushing water can take a car off the road."

When it comes to road safety, Martin Lisius who is a certified storm chaser also urges drivers to drive smart.

Another big concern is areas in neighborhoods where water levels can rise quickly.  Parents should have conversations with their children about avoiding retention ponds and creeks, even if it's a place they frequent. That's because flash flooding is just that, it happens in a flash.

"Keep them away from the waterways." said Martin Lisius,  "and also, don't drive in heavy rainfall. You know, turn around, don't drown."

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