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Denton Spiderman looking to bring cheer to as many children as possible in Uvalde

The Denton Spiderman is collecting toys and other giveaways to bring to the children of Uvalde, as the city continues to heal.

DENTON, Texas — Your friendly neighborhood Denton Spiderman is on a mission: a mission to help as many children as possible in Uvalde, Texas when he visits in June.

"God put this in my life to give it," said Jeremy Sons.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, personal trainer Sons and his wife started their own superhero business after his gym shutdown. He and his wife, who is a third-grade school teacher, started doing public appearances in Denton for the character "The Denton Spiderman." 

Since starting the business two years ago to spread love and happy memories, they've never charged anyone and made their appearances 100% donation-based.

Now, the couple plans to turn their entertainment into a blessing in Uvalde.

"It hit me more because when you hear of a mass shooting at a school when your wife's a schoolteacher, it sets alarms off and something has to change," said Sons.

After posting help for a June 12 appearance in Uvalde, the Denton Spiderman has collected hundreds of toys and other giveaways. 

In fact, donations filled the Spidey Mobile three times. More than one of their rooms at home is packed with toys, but they are hoping for even more donations. 

Some supporters are fulfilling their Amazon wish list for Uvalde kids. You can learn more about The Denton Spiderman at their website.

Jackie Johnson came across the Denton Spiderman while visiting Denton from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She and her children posed for photos in downtown near the square. 

Johnson believes in Spiderman's mission.

"I think him being out in the community will bring some light back during this dark time," said Johnson.

Sons said, "Sunday, June 12th, and put Spider-Man on top of the Spidey mobile and just drive the streets, pulling a trailer full of toys."

The goal for the Denton Spiderman is to basically provide a distraction for kids in Uvalde, which includes some Spidey surprises. 

Part of the Denton Spiderman's presentation includes getting sprayed with silly string. It's an auto laugh maker, too. 

But Spiderman isn't the only one in North Texas hoping to be a blessing to Uvalde children.

"We have to support," said Rev. Kyev P. Tatum, "If we were going to be a blessing."

Toys are also part of the blessing the Fort Worth pastor at New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church has planned for Uvalde. 

He visited Uvalde within 48 hours of the shooting that left two teachers and 19 students dead to learn how he could help. He prays their fundraiser is successful, too, after visiting with other pastors in the small Texas city. 

He's also looking for volunteers with a heart to help.

Tatum said, "We'll get our assignments based on what they're telling us, listening, what they're telling us, learning what they need, and then going to work. But we can't do that without feet, finances and people who'll be faithful."

Tatum and other local clergy are inviting the public to a Circle of Compassion Bowl planning meeting for Thursday, June 2, at 11 a.m. with the Ministers of Justice Coalition at New Mount Rose at 2864 Mississippi Avenue in Fort Worth. 

Anyone who wants more information can contact Tatum at 817-966-7525, or email kptatum1@gmail.com.

Although the pastor is on a separate mission than the Denton Spiderman, both believe they've heard from heaven to help.

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