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'They're a maniac': These are your top Dallas 'red flags'

The Dallas subreddit sparked quite the discussion.

DALLAS — The best place for a very Dallas conversation has to be the Dallas subreddit.

Honestly, where else will you get an in-depth discussion on "Which Taco Bell in the Metroplex has the most gourmet menu?" Or this offering, also from this week: "Where is the fanciest Target in the metroplex?" Or (and we've all been here before) this: "ALLERGIES."

And so we found ourselves down the r/Dallas rabbit hole again on Friday morning, as we combed through a thread with over 350 comments.

"What are Dallas specific red flags?"

It was entertaining, to say the least.

We won't include all of these, at the risk of annoying a business or brand, but you can read the full thread, replies included, here

Here are some highlights:

Mine is when someone has "crypto king" in his ig bio and a bunch of pics of him with expensive cars"

Are 30-thousand-dollar millionaires still a thing?

I think since inflation they're 40K millionaires now

Paper plates

My mind went to paper dinner plates then I realized what sub I was in

Instagram name decal on their car window

When they ask "isn't it dangerous?" after I tell them I'm from Oak Cliff

When you hear "I never go south of 30"

When they talk about their private high school in their 30s

Or their sorority at 40

They cry when they don't get cheese with their fajitas and post it to social media

Taking this sub seriously

Bumper stickers, any kind. They're a maniac.

Multiple cell phones for "business" purposes

Dallas Cowboys-centric vehicle, or attire.

When they say they're from Dallas, but live in Plano/Frisco/Allen. I've been told everything is Dallas.

Anyone with a pic of them getting bottle service

If they recently moved from Houston. Seasoned players right there.

I-35 itself

A California license plate

I think Texans complaining about californians/any other states is an even larger red flag.

They still believe the Cowboys are America's team

The city limits sign

A Dallas red flag? How about BEING in Dallas?

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