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New year, new job? North Texas cities named in Top 100 job markets for 2023

One Texas city made the Top 10 list as the WalletHub study focused on job markets and socioeconomics.

PLANO, Texas — Looking for a new job in Texas, but don't know where to start? This study could help you find some direction.

A WalletHub study compared 182 U.S. cities to rank the best job markets for 2023. Of the top 100, seven North Texas cities made the rankings.

Researchers looked at 32 metrics to give them an overall score out of 100. Those metrics were divided into two categories: Job Market and Socioeconomics. 

The "Job Market" metrics make up the majority of each city's score, looking at factors like job opportunities, monthly average starting salaries, and employers that have workers with disabilities.

Outside of the workforce, "Socioeconomics" focuses on median annual income, transportation, housing, and best cities for families and singles among other factors.

The top North Texas city on the list is Plano, ranked at number nine with an overall score of 61.78. WalletHub says Plano's job market is the seventh best in the country for 2023.

Next is Irving in 12th place with 60.66 overall. Its job market is actually second best in the US, according to the study. But it's ranked 125 out of 182 for socioeconomics, so that might've brought them down in the rankings.

Grand Prairie wraps up the top quarter cities at number 25. It's said to have a Top 20 job market, but it's nearly number 120 for socioeconomics.

Then, there's Dallas at 58. The job market's close to 30th place and their socioeconomic states is just under 150. 

Remember one of the factors being the city's ranking for singles? The latest season of "Love Is Blind" is an example of dating life in Dallas.

The last three North Texas cities in the Top 100 is Garland (45th best job market), Arlington (49), and Fort Worth (77).

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