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Dallas man chalks Christmas story in front of home to help encourage neighbors to enjoy the outdoors

Greg Rogers is hopeful that with his chalk art people will be more inclined to get out of their isolation and out into the neighborhood.

DALLAS — Greg Rogers said his home off Bretton Bay Lane in Dallas has been in the family for more than four decades. And every year he is used to his neighborhood looking different, especially during Christmas with all the lights. 

But Rogers noticed something very different this year in a pandemic that he didn't like: fewer people were getting outside into the neighborhood

"It's kind of a COVID Christmas," said Rogers.   

Rogers would say he is no artist, but he can tell quite a story with chalk art. Rogers has used the walkway in front of his home as a canvas for the Christmas story. His hope is that people will be more inclined to get out of their isolation and get into the community.

"I think God made us for relationship," he said.

Rogers has chalked his version of the Christmas story over several slabs in front of his home. Front and center is an image of the nativity with baby Jesus. On both sides are traditional themes of Christmas, like Santa Clause and Christmas trees. 

"You have children who have gotten gifts, and they're giving it to Christ. And Santa's going over the city, but he's bringing gifts to the nativity first," Rogers said describing the art.

It took Rogers 15 hours to complete the piece and more than a week. But within no time dozens of a people a day have been coming out to view the story in front of the home. 

"I started noticing slowly the families started coming back and walking," said Rogers.

Bao Le first saw the artwork on the social networking website NextDoor and decided to bring his family to see the artwork.

"It's great to be out and about," said Le. 

Rogers takes pride in seeing people walk outside and stand in front of the home to witness it. He wants people to take more from the story than the art. But also, if he can get neighbors connected again in a pandemic, he has done his job.  

"Life is not just about being safe. There's surviving, and then there's living," he said.