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Nurse saves man's life on her first day of jury duty in Dallas County

A group of Dallas County judges took time to honor Kat Kreis. They say the nurse provided life-saving aid to another juror who was experiencing a medical emergency.

DALLAS — A group of judges in Dallas County is taking time to honor a juror who helped save a man’s life in June.

Katherine Kreis showed up for jury duty at the Frank Crowley Courthouse on June 27. It was her first time receiving a jury summons in Dallas County. It proved to be a day Kreis would never forget. 

“I was sitting in the waiting room, waiting to be called, and I happened to notice the gentleman next to me was shaking and threw his phone,” Kreis recalled.

A juror sitting nearby in the Central Jury Room was having a medical episode. Witnesses said someone shouted the man was having a seizure.

Judge Molly Francis was also sitting in the jury room. She’d also been called for jury duty that day. Judge Francis witnessed Kreis spring into action to render aid to the man. 

“She turned to him. She started talking to him. He was clearly in distress. I watched the whole thing,” said Judge Francis. 

What people witnessed in the Central Jury Room, that day, was more than Kreis springing into action. She is a veteran nurse who was working to help save another jurors life.  

Kreis has been working as a nurse more than 20 years. She is also an assistant professor at UT-Arlington who trains student nurses. She’s seen and helped treat a wide range of medical issues over time.

Witnesses said other jurors jumped in to help get the man on the floor as he continued convulsing. Kreis kept him calm as bailiffs called 911.

A group of Dallas County felony and misdemeanor court judges took time to recognize Kreis on Thursday.

“We all wanted to do something for you. To show how special and how much we appreciate all you’ve done,” Judge Stephanie Huff told Kreis while presenting her with a plaque.

The judges also honored Kreis with a floral bouquet and other special gifts for her life-saving service. 

“I feel it was a right place, right time, sort of thing,” Kreis shared.

The nurse has yet to meet the juror she helped that day. She learned the man’s improving and getting continued care. 

“To everyone, keep that medication list with you. Keep it updated. Contact info for family and friends and emergency contact,” Kreis advised.

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