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City of Dallas breaks ground on new housing development in 'The Bottom District'

A plan for dozens of new homes is underway in a southeast Dallas community known as historic Tenth Street Bottoms. The once neglected area is getting new attention.

DALLAS — In the shadows of the downtown Dallas skyline, change is happening. On the edge of the historic Tenth Street community is an area called The Bottom.

Some locals describe the neighborhood as being neglected for years.

“The Bottoms was throw away. Now it’s hot,” Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price told a crowd gathered around a lot on the 500 block of N. Denley Drive.

The Bottom is experiencing a surge of interest and attention. New development is underway for the first time, in a long time.

“It’s taken a while to get here, but it appears as though we are finally here,” State Sen. Royce West told the crowd as he spoke during Tuesday’s groundbreaking event.

There are 500 lots that make up The Bottom District. From street-to-street, signs reading "available" or "sold" are posted along properties, especially along N. Denley Drive, Sparks Street and N. Moore Street.

The City of Dallas called it a sign of progress.

“What it means, is that we are now building a whole community,” said Carolyn King Arnold, Councilwoman for City of Dallas District 4.

Arnold and other community leaders described breaking ground on new development in this area as significant. So far, builder Texas Heavenly Homes and a slate of minority contractors already have some houses under construction. More builders are waiting in line to break ground and begin new home construction on different streets.

“The biggest hope is that we will build the homes,” Arnold explained. "Definitely know that they will be affordable. We want to attract individuals to this community who care and want to be a part of it."

The City of Dallas invested a lot of resources into improving infrastructure like streets, sidewalks, and drainage across the area, before home building could happen.

“It’s so close to Downtown Dallas. Got a great view. I like it,” described Cynthia Mitchell.

Mitchell is among new home buyers, like Teresa Pierre, and Barbara Player, who said they look forward to living in The Bottom District.

“It’s definitely something that is long overdue. It’s something that we need," Pierre explained. "We need nice housing."

The women said they are in a first-time homebuyers program. They’ve already picked out their lots in the neighborhood.

“It’s going to be a nice area,” Player added. "New parks, and you know, the community will grow."

Neighbors said The Bottom District is merely a name. Top of mind, right now, is cultivating a new sense of community in this historic area.

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