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Alleged serial killer Billy Chemirmir indicted on four more murder charges in Collin County

Chemirmir was found guilty in the murder of Lu Harris earlier this year.
Credit: AP
Defendant Billy Chemirmir lowers his mask as a state witness is asked to identify him during his murder trial at the Frank Crowley Courts Building in Dallas, Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Chemirmir, 48, faces life in prison without parole if convicted of capital murder for smothering Lu Thi Harris, 81, and stealing her jewelry. He is accused of killing at least 18 women in Dallas and Collin counties. (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP, Pool)

COLLIN COUNTY, Texas — Alleged serial killer Billy Chemirmir has been indicted on four more capital murder charges, according to Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis. 

Chemirmir was found guilty earlier this year in the death of 81-year-old Lu Harris, one of several victims he is accused of suffocating. 

Chemirmir is accused of suffocating at least 18 women who lived in senior living facilities in Dallas and Collin counties, but police feared the number of victims may be more than 25. Officials said Chemirmir would rob his victims and then suffocate them. 

On Tuesday, Willis announced four additional capital murder charges against Chemirmir. The victims were identified by Willis as Marilyn Bixler, 90, who was killed in Frisco in September 2017; Diane Delahunty, 79, who was killed in Plano in December 2017; Helen Lee, 82, who was killed in Frisco in September 2017; and Mamie Miya, 93, who was killed in Plano in December 2017.

“We the families and loved ones of Marilyn Bixler, Diane Delahunty, Helen Lee, and Mamie Miya are grateful to hear of today’s four additional capital murder indictments. These indictments are another step in holding Billy Chemirmir accountable for the full extent of his horrible crimes. We’d like to thank police and prosecutors for listening to us, and for their continued efforts to see that justice is done for all the victims and their loved ones," said the families of the victims in a joint statement released by the district attorney's office. 

Chemirmir was previously indicted in Collin County on five cases of capital murder and two cases of attempted capital murder. Willis said those cases remain pending awaiting Chemirmir's upcoming trial in October in Dallas County. 

Chemirmir was indicted on charges in the following deaths: 

  • Joyce Abramowitz, 82
  • Juanita Purdy, 83
  • Leah Corken, 83
  • Margaret White, 87
  • Solomon Spring, 89
  • Norma French, 85
  • Glenna Day, 87
  • Phyllis Payne, 91
  • Phoebe Perry, 94
  • Doris Gleason, 92
  • Minnie Campbell, 83
  • Carolyn MacPhee, 81
  • Rosemary Curtis, 76
  • Mary Brooks
  • Martha Williams, 80
  • Miriam Nelson, 81
  • Ann Conklin, 82

Chemirmir found guilty after mistrial

Chemirmir was found guilty on April 25 in the murder of Lu Harris, five months after a mistrial. The guilty verdict came on day four of the re-trial, less than 40 minutes into deliberation. 

In November 2021, the jury was "hopelessly deadlocked." Jurors had told the judge one juror refused to change her stance.

Chemirmir was sentenced to life without parole. 

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