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Curious about the landmarks that surround us? Take a self-guided tour of Fort Worth's African-American history

Fort Worth holds plenty of history amidst its streets and walls; here's where to go to find some of its notable landmarks.

When you think of Fort Worth, you might think of cowboys and culture. Or some of the city’s many attractions like The Stockyards, Bass Hall, TCU, or the Fort Worth Zoo.

But Fort Worth also boasts a rich history of African American influence. And it’s a history you can experience yourself on Visit Fort Worth’s self-guided African American History tour.

Highlights include The Historic Wall at the train station at 1001 Jones Street. It features murals depicting the African American commercial and warehouse district that stood upon the site from 1865 to 1940.

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Artist Jeff Gottfried’s work “Freedom Train” reminds visitors to the T&P Building of the historical contributions of African American railroad workers and the “colored waiting rooms” that were the norm for so many travelers years ago.

Evans Plaza features a treasure trove of the city’s African American icons. More than 35 community leaders are memorialized in plaques located around the plaza, recognized for their contributions in areas like business, religion, science or their development of the Fort Worth community.

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These are just a handful of the many landmarks and individuals that make up the city’s rich African American history. You can find more information on how to take the tour yourself by visiting FortWorth.com.

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