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What products are best to use for spring cleaning?

We take a look at cleaning products that can be used while you stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you're diving into spring cleaning because you're cooped up at home or you're trying to avoid the spread of germs in your house because of COVID-19, here's some good advice.

The Environmental Protection Agency has posted an expanded list of approved household disinfectants for coronavirus.

But for some with allergies or certain skin sensitivities or conditions, the harsh chemicals can be a turn-off.

“Several years ago a customer of mine, Julie, called me and told me that her husband had been diagnosed with cancer, and she was getting all the toxins out of her home and asked that we use only all-natural products to clean for her," said Jeri Fritz, owner of Highland Park Housekeeping.

Fritz's research for that customer, led her to an app called Think Dirty.

"It’s actually an app that ranks household and beauty products on a scale of zero to 10. Zero being the most pure and natural, 10 being full of toxins all kinds of things you can’t pronounce, that you would not want on your skin or in the air that you breathe,” Fritz explained.

Her housekeeping company, which has been around for 10 years, now exclusively uses products that are ranked zero or one in the Think Dirty app.

“We like to stay with natural products as much as possible because they’re just better for you," Fritz said. "They’re healthier for you, for your children, for your pets.”

Fritz added that soap and water are better than a quick disinfectant wipe-down on any surface.

"Think of it like the whole hand-washing thing now," she said. "You’re hearing the whole sing your ABC’s or don’t be too fast when you wash your hands. It’s the same thing with cleaning surfaces in your home. If you just take a disinfectant wipe and like go over it one time, you’re really not getting it clean."

Fritz suggests wearing disposable gloves when you clean, then throwing them away immediately afterward.

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