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Helpful tips on taking care of your mental health while social distancing for COVID-19

Did you know? Twenty minutes of exercise can lower your blood pressure and calm your mind.

Texans will be limited to things they can do during the weekend due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Community members are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. 

If someone leaves to go to a grocery store or pick up to-go food from restaurants, they are strongly encouraged to practice social distancing. 

Here are some tips from WFFA Health Reporter Sonia Azad on how to take care of your mental health during the COVID-19 crisis: 

  • Keep your regular routine. Write it out and stick to it, this includes breaks and even when you're going to sleep.
  • Stay active, fresh air and daylight help reduce stress.
  • Twenty minutes of exercise can lower blood pressure and calm the mind.
  • Use social apps and video calls to stay connected with family and friends.
    Even if they are just across town or even next door, check-in and ask how they are doing. 
  • Try having a virtual social gathering.
  • However, remember to limit the use of social media; constant scrolling can actually lead to feeling more disconnected.
  • Visit trusted sites for information, getting facts can help settle fears and bring a different perspective.
  • Finally, be flexible and realistic with yourself. The new routine will take time to figure out -- so don't expect to be as productive right away.

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