A case involving a hospital where a nurse who contracted Ebola at work will be heard by the Texas Supreme Court. The hearing is expected to happen on Nov. 7. 

In October 2014, Amber Vinson contracted Ebola after being exposed to the virus as a nurse while treating first U.S. Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan. She was working at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas when it happened. 

Vinson visited Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal in Ohio in the days following Duncan’s treatment to select a dress for her wedding, according to a 2018 Texas court document. She was diagnosed with Ebola upon her return to Dallas.

The Ohio bridal shop ended up filing a lawsuit claiming that it had to close the store after learning Vinson had Ebola and may have been contagious when at the store.

Coming Attractions claimed it “sustained hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages” following Vinson's visit.

The bridal shop accused the hospital and its ownership, Texas Health Resources, of improper training and failing to protect its nurses despite an awareness of the risk of spreading Ebola.

“Ms. Vinson reasonably relied upon the Hospital’s negligent and unfounded reassurances when she visited the Bridal Shop to select bridal dresses for her upcoming wedding,” the lawsuit read. 

Texas Health Resources is asking the court to dismiss the case. 

The case going before the Texas Supreme Court will decide if the lawsuit can move forward. Each side will be allotted 20 minutes apiece to make their case during the Nov. 7 hearing. 

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