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TIMELINE: Stories about Thomas Eric Duncan

A recap of the Dallas Ebola patient story from the WFAA and newspapers from around the country.
Thomas Eric Duncan in a June 2011 Facebook photo.

ID=16793899Sept. 30

WFAA - CDC: Ebola confirmed in Dallas patient

New York Times - U.S. patient aided pregnant Liberian, then took ill

Washington Post - Texas Ebola patient told hospital of travel from West Africa but was released

Oct. 1

WFAA - Confusion, concern where Ebola patient stayed

AP - Man with Ebola flew roundabout trip to US

Oct. 2

WFAA - CDC looking into whether Ebola patient lied on health forms

AP - Hospital sent Ebola-infected patient home

AP - Many sick in U.S. Ebola patient's Liberia hometown

Los Angeles Times - Texas Ebola patient aided Liberia woman thought to have malaria

New York Times - Retracing the steps of the Dallas Ebola patient

Wall Street Journal - Dallas man tells of U.S. Ebola patient's decline

Washington Post - Texas Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, may have had contact with up to 100 people

Oct. 3

WFAA - Critics say Ebola case mishandled from the start


WFAA - Dallas hospital says Ebola patient worsens

New York Times - Ebola victim's journey from Liberian war to fight for life in U.S.

Washington Post - As Ebola patient in Texas fights for his life, his family copes with stigma and isolation

Oct. 6

WFAA - Ebola patient 'critical' as fiancee asks questions

WFAA - Ebola patient's family moved to undisclosed location

WFAA - Ebola patient receiving experimental drug

Oct. 7

WFAA - 'I'm just praying to God that he gets better'

WFAA - Ebola patient's son expresses gratitude for hospital

WFAA - Jesse Jackson questions level of care for Ebola patient

New York Times - Several positive signs reported for Ebola patient in a Dallas hospital

Washington Post - Ebola patient in Dallas rues bringing virus to 'love of my life'

Oct. 8

WFAA - Ebola patient dies at Dallas hospital

New York Times - First Ebola patient to be discovered in U.S. dies

Wall Street Journal - Dallas Ebola patient dies

Washington Post - Thomas Duncan, the Texas Ebola patient, has died

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