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What is it like to get an antibody test for COVID-19? WFAA's Marc Istook shares his experience

How long would it take? What would it be like? Marc Istook found out.

Knowledge is power.

We’ve heard that phrase repeatedly during the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s something I shared in an Instagram post this week after having a COVID-19 antibody test. 

Knowledge is power.

Knowing who is sick. Who has been sick. Where they’ve been. Who they’ve interacted with. Public health experts tell us that tracking the virus is essential to fighting it and making sure as many people remain healthy as possible. 

That's why I wanted to get tested.

Earlier this year, my family and I came down with a nasty bug. My kids tested positive for the flu, but my wife and I were negative. Headaches, fatigue, a cough. Some – but not all – symptoms for COVID-19. 

Given the spread of the virus and the opportunity to get tested for antibodies, I jumped at the chance. Plus, the journalist in me was curious about the process. How long would it take? What would it be like?

I knew my local urgent care provider had tests that were covered by my insurance. There wasn’t a wait, it only required a routine blood draw and I was in and out of the office in less than 10 minutes. 

Now, I wait for results.

It’s important to know that these antibody tests are not perfect. There are a lot of tests out there and their accuracy is all over the map. 

As of early this week, only a few of them have met basic FDA guidelines. And a positive test doesn’t necessarily mean someone is immune from getting COVID-19 again. 

But I’d rather at least have some idea about possible infection than be left wondering. Based on the responses to my Instagram story about the process, I know I’m not alone.

Maybe you’re curious too. If you are seeking a diagnostic test to see if you’re currently infected with COVID-19 or want to find where you can get a reliable antibody test, I recommend taking a look at this link from WFAA. 

Because we’re all in this together. Just not… together.

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