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New app can be used as proof you've been vaccinated for COVID-19

Your doctor can upload proof of vaccination to software that links to app on your phone.

HOUSTON — A new app that certifies a person has been vaccinated for COVID-19 could help get the world back on track a little bit faster.

Once you’re vaccinated, your doctor uploads that information into a software that you can present through an app on your phone.

“Common Pass seems to be emerging as the standard that people are adopting,” said the company’s CEO Paul Meyer.

Already, those who’ve been vaccinated are using the app to prove it.

The Common Pass app contains a user’s health information.

It’s controlled by their doctors who can upload proof they’ve gotten the vaccine.

“We’re rolling out with additional airlines with United, with JetBlue, with Lufthansa, with Swiss, with Virgin in the coming weeks, and we’ll be expanding from there," Meyer said.

Meyer said the app is already getting lots of use from travelers coming to the U.S. from the United Kingdom.

The app can be used to show they’ve been tested for the virus before they board.

“It’s free for the users. It’s free for the healthcare institutions. The airlines and the others who benefit downstream are the ones who pay a fee to sustain it," Meyer said.

As vaccinations continue, Meyer said the app can be used to get into venues like hotels and more.

It's one more way to help get life back to how it used to be as quickly as possible.

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